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Guest Editorial: The global burden of oral diseases - aligning around common goals for improved advocacy outcomes
David C Alexander
Guest Editorial: Change the change
Gerhard K Seeberger and Franz-Bernd Frechen
Guest Editorial: Good-oral and general health
Friedrich A Herbst
Research Article: Spread of health-related fake news in Tamil social media - A pilot study
R Dharshanram, P D Madan Kumar and P Iyapparaj
Academy Activities - ADI Comments: Report to the Board of Regents by Public Relations Committee Chair Fred (Friedrich) A Herbst December-2016 October-2017
Friedrich Herbst
Research Article: Is suicide a significant contributor to mortality in head and neck cancer - A surveillance, epidemiology, and end results database study
Rooban Thavarajah, Anusa Arunachalam Mohandoss, Elizabeth Joshua, Umadevi Krishnamohan Rao and Kannan Ranganathan
Research Article: Comparison of retention of two proximal sealants in mandibular first molars of 12-year-old school children - A split-mouth randomized trial
Brinda Bhavani Sankar and Madan Kumar
Research Article: Unemployment and vulnerable financial situation among recent dental graduates of Kerala, India - Results from a cross-sectional study
Malu Mohan and T K Sundari Ravindran
Academy Activities - ADI Convocations: ADI Global Conclave in Lucknow, India-sharing knowledge
Shiva Mortazavi
Guest Editorial: The time factor: One of the major elements in the therapeutic evaluation in gerontology
Alexandre Mersel, Benny Peretz and Rodolphe Cochet